Which Country First Legalized Abortion?

August 17, 2012 in Trivia

Therapeutic abortion performed for medical reasonsQ: Which Country First Legalized Abortion?

A: In 1920 the USSR was the first country to legalize abortion.  Although doctors were ordered to discourage the procedure, particularly for first-time pregnancies, they could not refuse an abortion on demand.

The practice had grown widely by 1934. In the USSR’s Russian Federation alone there were a reported 700,000 legal abortions.

In 1936 a more restrictive abortion law was introduced. It limited the grounds for abortion to situations in which the health of the patient was endangered, or the child was likely to inherit a genetic condition or disease.

This abortion law remained in force until 1955 when abortion-on-demand was reintroduced. This time the law contained restrictions regarding the conditions under which an abortion could be performed.