The First 3D Movie

October 9, 2012 in Trivia

3D GlassesQ: When was the first full-length three-dimensional film made?

A: In 1922, Perfect Pictures made the first 3D motion picture entitled The Power of Love. Premiering at the Ambassador Hotel Theater in Los Angeles on Sept. 27, theater patrons were required to wear special glasses with one green and one red lens.

The glasses created the illusion of depth by filtering out one or the other of the dual-strip projection channels. Each channel was filmed from a slightly different vantage, recreating the effect of stereoscopic vision.

This first color talking 3D film would have to wait until Feb. 1947. Russian A.N. Andreyevsky released  a 3D color version of Robinson Crusoe in Moscow, filmed on the Black Sea Coast in 1945-6.