Travelers Need Personal Health Records

January 7, 2013 in Health & Lifestyle

Woman Wearing Prevention Mask InflightIf you’re prepared to leave town for any extent of time, be sure you and your travel companions have prepared your personal health records. There’s no easier time to fall ill then when you are away from home.

There are unlimited reasons you could become ill during travel. Every reason serious enough for you to end up in a hospital is going to require you to give an accurate and detailed medical history. In fact, adequate treatment may be delayed until your medical history can be obtained. Do you really want to wait that out? Here are some of the concerns you should address before you leave and why you should start at least a contact and current medical history personal health record (including scheduled over-the-counter medications).

• Vaccination Decline: People may not be keeping current due to fear, forgetfulness or the feeling of needlessness. Without a fully vaccinated population, preventable deaths due to widespread illness will be prevalent. Are you sure your destination will be healthy when you arrive?

• Flying: With every person on that plane, there will be at least one contagious illness that could be passed from each one of them. With circulating air, your chances of exposure are high.

• Limited Personal Hygiene: OK, don’t get to this one and roll your eyes! Deep down you know I’m right. What germs will you ingest from your unwashed hands during meals and how many more will you give a free-ride to after visiting the restroom (e.g. washing your hands and then turning off the water with your freshly-washed hands instead of using that drying-towel you just threw out)!

There’s no worse time to get sick than when you are traveling, but mind you it does happen. Don’t take needless risks and make a bad situation worse by not having any pertinent medical facts on your person. There’s a reason doctors suggest keeping detailed personal health records: Your life may depend on it.