Super-Sized Sodas : More Relevant than Guns, the Sequester and American Liberty?

February 28, 2013 in Publisher's Corner

Don Quixote Obama with Sancho Panza Bloomberg

Pictured is a caricature of Michael Bloomberg as Sancho Panza to Obama’s Don Quixote. Source: Walter E. Williams/

This week it seems that most Americans are focused mainly on shameless political posturing over national bankruptcy, delays in responding to gun violence , or “critical” choices announced at the Oscars. How do we come to agree on what our most serious national concerns are anyway?

Perhaps the most salient issue worthy of the American Republic’s worry is our most basic liberty to consume. Even this most elemental freedom is under assault now under the guise of public safety. Our very right to decide what food and drink we consume is now being questioned by political players, who by all rights, have no legitimate say in such matters. Our politicians have decided in their self-serving wisdom that a nation of consumers can no longer consume as they will.

New York’s Republican mayor, Michael Bloomberg, leads this Don Quixote-like crusade in irrelevancy. He has approved bans on “super-sized” sodas in movie theaters. He now extends his jihad to two-liter bottles of soda delivered with pizzas. There is no intelligent debate on this issue. It has been dictated and enforced by fiat.

Conservative FOX news itself labeled this latest “public advocacy” effort a war against “the pointy objects” in a recent newscast. Are citizens really willing to let government child-proof the American way of life?