The Hammill Post’s New Mascot!

April 29, 2013 in Pet Spot

Presley Resting on the Living Room FloorHi! My name is Presley. I’m four years old, and part Rottweiler, part English shepherd.

When I was two months old, I walked all by myself from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi. That’s over 200 miles and my legs were so little back then! By the time I got there, I was in very bad shape.

I was rescued by the Jackson Friends of Animal Shelter. They nursed me back to health. Then I was adopted by a nice lady from On Top of the World in Ocala, Fla. who found me through

I’m very friendly and playful. I like to go to the dog park at OTOW where I have lots of fun with all my dog friends. I even have a girlfriend, a golden retriever named Megan!

Unfortunately, my original owner became sick and wasn’t able to take care of me anymore. Luckily, she was able to find me a new home. Now I have two very nice owners.

Everyone says I’m a handsome, well-groomed and obedient boy. I’m well taken care of and like living in OTOW and my new home.


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