Wendy Considering Run for Governor of Texas

September 15, 2013 in Top News, U.S. News

Wendy Davis Looking UpwardDallas — State Sen. Wendy Davis (D- Fort Worth), a new star in Texas politics, is considering a run for governor of Texas. She aims to dispel the idea that Texas is permanently red. She gave no timetable for a decision to run. Davis, a Harvard trained Fort Worth lawyer, has mostly been associated with the issues of abortion rights, public education and equal pay for women.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Davis suggested Republicans were disenfranchising various minorities through redistricting saying on Aug. 16. “That’s not who we are.” This comment was to a group of about 250–300 female activists and supporters associated with Emily’s List in San Francisco.

At the same meeting, Davis is reported as later questioning whether the race was “a winnable one”.

Davis said, “When you ask people to invest their time, their energy and their financial resources in you, you want to make sure that you’re asking them to do something that’s achievable.”

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) remarked to the Tarrant County Republican National Hispanic Assembly on Aug. 27, “I know Wendy Davis and I don’t think she stands a chance running for statewide office.” That’s according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Battleground Texas — a movement to change Texas from red to blue — has launched a “We Want Wendy” campaign designed to identify and get out likely Democratic voters.

Jenn Brown, the executive director of Battleground Texas told ABC News, “We focused on trying to show her how much support there is out there for her and how ready volunteers and activists are for her.”

Although Davis has yet to make a formal announcement, many believe that will come within just weeks. This race may quickly become one of a national importance given the importance of the state in national elections.

Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott is the current gubernatorial front-runner in the Republican primary.