How Many Nazis Are Still at Large?

October 21, 2013 in Trivia

Nazi Party GatheringIn the United States, there are approximately 300 Nazis never brought to justice for war crimes in Germany according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Israel. Estimated numbers of Nazis who came to the U.S. after World War II range from the hundreds into the low thousands. Literally hundreds of thousands however are considered to have survived the war.

New York Post writers Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein reported as recently as 2007, “Since 1979, 107 Nazis have been prosecuted in the United States and at least 60 have been deported. Eleven suspected Nazis are now being prosecuted, and another 30 are under investigation.”

Since 2001, Efraim Zuroff of the Center has released an annual status report which in recent years has come to include a “most wanted” list of Nazi war criminals still at large. This year, the list included the top most wanted as follows:

1. Alois Brunner. (Age 101, if still alive. Last seen in 2001 in Syria.)

2. Aribert Heim. (Age 99, if still alive. Last seen in 1992 in Egypt.)

3. Gerhard Sommer. (Age 92. Last known to be in Germany.)

4. Vladimir Katriuk. (Age 92. Last known to be in Canada.)

5. Hans Lipschis. (Age 93.)

6. Ivan Kalymon. (Age 92. Last known to be in the U.S.)

7. Søren Kam. (Age 91. Last known to be in Germany.)

8. Algimantas Dailidė. (Age 92.)

9. Mikhail Gorshkow. (Age 90. Last known to be in Estonia.)

10. Theodor Szehinskyj. (Age 89. Last known to be in the U.S.)

11. Helmut Oberlander. (Age 89. Last known to be in Canada.)

Lipschis was found and arrested this year. Dailidė was deported from the U.S. to Germany in 2004. Lipschis was sentenced to five years imprisonment, but later diagnosed “medically unfit to be punished”. A case against Gorshkow was dismissed due to insufficient evidence in 2011.

Apprehensions of Nazi fugitives from justice typically rely upon catching up with the individuals based on violations of immigration law, including making false statements when entering the U.S.