The Address of Evil

October 9, 2013 in Trivia

Poveglia Island HospitalDid you ever go to a place that just scared the daylights out of you? Indeed do places exist that are just sinister? Are there places where tormented souls seem to stay, wander, suffer and haunt in evil anguish? Are these apparitions, or more?

One such place may be Poveglia Island, known as the Island of Madness. Located in the lagoons of Venice, Italy it is so frightening it is strictly off limits. During Roman rule and also during the Black Death period it was used to isolate plague victims. Persons showing any sign of illness were taken forcibly to the island where they were pitched atop piles of bodies and lit on fire.

Horrific chronicles followed centuries later when the island became host to a psychiatric hospital in 1922. Patients reported suffering apparitions of still suffering spirits. The hospital furthermore became a site for gruesome human experiments using crude tools for lobotomies and tortures.

Daredevils, psychics and would-be residents who have visited to or attempted moving to the island since then all have experienced unspeakably fearful encounters, or so modern legend goes. Poveglia is uninhabited, and tourism there is not permitted. Most Venetian locals are not comfortable even mentioning or speaking of the place.

Most descriptions of visits to the island speak of a feeling or spirit of intense rage, and a heavy and evil energy,

One travelogue posted by’s paranormal forums as recently as 2010 reports the experience of a group of U.S. Army buddies who with much difficulty found a canal taxi willing to take them to visit the forbidden haunt.

Not long into their foray onshore, the author wrote, “The most terrifying scream I have ever heard in my life pierced through the silence like a knife.  All of us stopped dead in our tracks.  It took us a second to comprehend what we had just heard.  We all looked at each other, stunned.  Before we could even talk about what we had just heard, the entire island erupted in screams.

“Our boat driver was freaking out beyond control.  We all frantically jumped on board of the boat.  The driver could not get the boat started right away, and we were all freaking out.  Finally, the engine started and we quickly pulled away from the island.  The screams were still continuing, it sounded like they were all around us.  Then, as we were pulling away from the island, the bell started tolling in the distance.  This freaked us out even more because the bell is no longer in the tower!  It was removed after the island closed down.”

Both Ghost Adventures and Scariest Places on Earth have produced features on this disturbing locale. In 2007, National Geographic featured the island in “Graves Discovered 2007: Mass Plague Graves Found on Venice ‘Quarantine’ Island”.

Those visiting and leaving the island report a variety of strange and disturbing events and sensations following them for some time even after departing.

This writer reports chills while researching the matter. Please, begin your preparations now. And have a Happy Halloween!