About Us

The Hammill Post is currently a weekly, online publication based in Ocala, Florida providing news, information and commentary in the field of current events relating to politics, the media, entertainment, sports, comedy, business, healthy living and lifestyle, wellness, fashion, personal beauty, environmentally conscious and green issues, food, technology, travel, education, books, fine arts, and the performing arts.

Our Mission

The Hammill Post’s mission is to deliver the latest, most accurate version of the facts from the most relevant and professional sources. We shall offer our readers the most accurate and concise information delivered in a consistent, professional and honest way. We shall cover the news that we deem as most important even before monetary gain, even if no other source picks it up.

We shall provide balanced and accurate coverage, determined by the nature of the story and sources, not through false dichotomies or undocumented sources. We shall work to ensure that our readers clearly understand the issues of the day and can make informed decisions regarding them.

Participatory democracy requires relevant and true information communicated in a clear and precise way. The Hammill Post shall provide whatever truth needs airing, unbiased and unwavering.

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