Janet Yellen Sworn In As Fed Chief

First Woman to Serve as New Fed Chief

Dr. Janet L. Yellen took office Monday, Feb. 3 as Chairwoman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. She also became the first female to take the Fed’s top leadership position in its 100-year history. Yellen will serve a four-year term ending Feb. 3, 2018. She has been serving as vice chairwoman […]
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Buycott Logo

Ground-Breaking App Enables Boycotts and Buycotts

Buycott Inc. introduced a new Smartphone application that users can tap to alter their spending on products to reflect their principles. When Buycott users scan a product, the app will check its database to determine the brand-group, company and ownership related to the product. Users can define their own consumer-spending preferences in the form of […]
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Fiscal Cliff Satire

Sequester Leaves Wall Street Unfazed

The stock market, flirting with all-time highs, seems relatively unfazed by Washington’s latest fiscal stalemate over the sequester. Financial analysts present six reasons for the new attitude. Workers, families and businesses nationwide are bracing for interruptions in pay, benefits and revenue with the Federal sequester taking effect as of Friday. Financial players on Wall Street […]
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Healthcare Information Exchange

Obamacare Set to Fuel Info Tech Modernizing Boom

America’s computing and information technology sector is readying itself to handle a business boom by providing expanded support for American health care needs when Obamacare takes effect in 2014. Among the big players amping up their efforts, IBM already is actively in pursuit of contract work that will be required to build the state health […]
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Chinese Flags with Mao Photo

Bain Capital Yanks Old Glory Down, Hoists Up Chinese Flag

Mitt Romney’s predilection with China threatens to boomerang on the GOP candidate. In emphasizing China as an economic and foreign policy antagonist, Romney himself has attracted special attention to his own portfolio of Chinese investments, and to loss of jobs to China resulting from outsourcing by firms like his own Bain Capital. Right now, the […]
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Bloomberg BNA Promotional Image

Bloomberg Launches Vital New Antitrust and Trade Regulation Resource Center

Bloomberg BNA has unified its authoritative Antitrust and Trade Regulation Report with unrivaled analysis from leading practitioners and experts in antitrust and trade regulation fields to establish a new Resource Center pulling research and insight together into one all-in-one go-to resource. The Resource Center pools BNA’s repository of knowledge and expertise to provide complete access […]
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Chronicle of airline stock

Stock Option Trades Reveal Foreknowledge of 9/11

Conspiracy trackers are resurrecting scrutiny over suspicious stock market option transactions that suggest foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attacks. A large number of put calls were purchased during the week leading up to that day of infamy. Michael Ruppert’s research, published in Oct. 2001 by the Centre for Research on Globalisation, estimates […]
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IRS Headquarters

Romney Tax Plan Makes Huge Tax Shortfall Certainty

Tax Policy Center, a well respected fiscal think tank, reveals that former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s tax plan lacks base-broadening details necessary to offset serious shortfalls in Federal tax revenues. TPC’s analysis of “Tax: Fairer, Flatter, and Simpler”, as the Romney plan is entitled, contains an objective summary of details and impacts to expect from […]
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Stericycle Waste Disposal Truck Outside a Planned Parenthood

Romney Made Millions from Disposal of Aborted Fetuses

Controversy over when Mitt Romney actually discontinued responsibilities with Bain Capital now threatens to resurrect a news item which could seriously damage his support from anti-abortion constituencies. In 1999, Bain Capital invested $75 million in a company called Stericycle. They’re a medical-waste disposal firm which disposes of aborted fetuses from family planning clinics, such as […]
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