U.S., China Top Brass Talk on Korea Questions

April 14, 2013 in Top News, World News

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin E. Dempsey will travel to China this month to discuss shared security concerns concerning recent bellicosity by North Korea, according to […]

Syrian Regime Violence Reduces Children to Brutal Life of War

April 7, 2013 in Top News, World News

Eight-year-old, Syrian Ahmed went from being a carefree boy with a loving family to a gun-toting, cigarette-smoking child soldier living on one of the deadliest streets of the devastated city […]

Russian Authorities Raid Hundreds of NGOs and Rights Groups

March 24, 2013 in Top News, World News

Russian police and tax inspectors raided and searched the offices of a major international rights group and hundreds of nongovernmental organizations in the past week ─ including the central Moscow […]

Chinese-Russian Legislators Promote Joint Far East Development

February 3, 2013 in Top News, World News

Key legislators representing China and Russia met Monday, Jan. 28 at the 21st annual forum of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum. Lawmakers plan to discuss and promote cooperative mutual investment strategies […]

Russia Calls Syrian Reform Moves “Too Late”

January 28, 2013 in Top News, World News

Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s delay in political reforms a “grave, perhaps fatal, error” according to Russian news agencies. In a rare break from Syria […]

China’s Internet Users Surpass U.S. in Numbers

January 14, 2013 in Technology, Top News, World News

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will require that “all newly built residences, if they are located in counties and cities where a public fiber optic telecom network is […]

White House and Congress Affirm Support for Israel in Gaza Crisis

November 20, 2012 in Top News, World News

Israeli Government Fights Both Rockets and Hack Attacks Last Wednesday, U.S. senators from both major parties responded to a briefing by Ambassador Michael Oren on the situation in the Gaza […]

Chinese Territorial Assertions Complicate Japanese-U.S. Relations

November 11, 2012 in Top News, World News

Japanese Defense Minister Satoshi Morimoto highlighted concerns about Chinese maritime aggressiveness while speaking on Japan’s desire for talks with the United States in December. According to Japan Times on Saturday, […]

Terrorist Muslim Sect Uses Mainstream Believers As Cover For Mob Violence

September 16, 2012 in Top News, World News

A radical segment of the Saudi-based Salafi Islam sect apparently is responsible for inciting much of the violence precipitated by Innocence of Muslims ─ a film widely regarded as an […]

Talk Ramps Up About Taking Out Iran Nuke Lab

September 9, 2012 in Top News, World News

Tehran’s acceleration in developing and securing its nuclear capability is causing a fast ramp up in speculation about possible preemptive action by Israel to neutralize the threat while or if […]

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