Florida GOP’s Minority Voter Fraud Purge Fails

October 2, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Politics, Top News

This election season’s GOP-fabricated voter fraud issue apparently has proved to be a non-issue. The Florida state department said Sept. 12 that 207 ineligible voters were purged from the rolls […]

Veterans Jobs Corps Act Fails in Senate

September 23, 2012 in Politics, Top News, U.S. News

Five Republican senators joined Democrats attempting to pass the Veterans Jobs Corps Act on September 19, but fell two votes short of passage due to a procedural objection introduced by […]

Kansas GOP Joins National Effort to Betray American Suffrage Rights

September 16, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Politics, Top News

In Kansas, the Republican Party is attempting to remove this country’s own sitting president from the Nov. 6 ballot in its latest voter suppression move. Today’s “Grand Old Party” has […]

Liar, Liar

September 2, 2012 in Politics, Top News, U.S. News

TAMPA, Fla. – Rep. Paul Ryan has been caught in numerous lies. In the wake of the Republican convention, fact-checkers have revealed several misstatements made by Ryan this past week. […]

Romney Picks Paul Ryan for VP

August 12, 2012 in Politics, Top News, U.S. News

In Norfolk,  Va. yesterday,  Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate. Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee, and has been central […]

House Demands Tax Relief for Top Two Percent

August 5, 2012 in Politics, Top News

Wednesday, House Republicans decided to ignore the Senate’s suggestion to limit tax-relief to middle- and low-income earners. The Senate passed a bill last week that would expire tax cuts for […]

House Republicans Entrench for the Rich

July 29, 2012 in Politics, Top News

Wednesday, the Senate 51-48 passed an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle-class, and smaller wage earners. According to a White House statement to the Hammill Post, House […]

Tea? We’re the Coffee Party!

July 22, 2012 in Featured News, Politics

Not so well reported as the modern Tea Party movement, Coffee Party USA is growing steadily as principle-minded coalition political activists fight for financial disclosure in government and politics. Coffee […]

Medical Marijuana Before Congress: Has the Tide Turned?

July 18, 2012 in Politics, Top News, U.S. News

Tuesday, U.S. Representative Sam Farr (D-CA), along with a bipartisan group including Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA), introduced new legislation to give legal remedy to medical marijuana users. […]

The Specter of Bain Continues to Haunt Romney’s Record

July 15, 2012 in Politics, Top News

A rain-soaked President Obama lashed out at “companies that have been called pioneers in outsourcing” at a campaign stop in Glen Allen, Virginia this Saturday. A new ad by the […]

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