Ana Rivas Logan

Key Florida Hispanics Leave State GOP

Former Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas Logan of Miami quit the Republican Party Monday, Feb. 10, citing hostility to women and minorities among her reasons for leaving. Rivas Logan appeared that Monday at Miami-Dade’s election office to file as a Democrat. She conspicuously tore up her voter registration card identifying her as a Republican at […]
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Immigration Demonstrators at Capitol

Immigration Battle Seems Heedless of Economic Boons to Americans

A bi-partisan effort in the U.S. Senate passed the “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act” in a 68–32 vote June 27. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates S. 744 would serve to profit the American economy in a number of ways. It would also pave the way to citizenship for millions of undocumented […]
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CISPA Disregards the Fourth Amendment

CISPA Suggests Internet Privacy May End

While many Americans were pre-occupied by the Boston Marathon bombings, the U.S. House passed a controversial bill last Thursday, H.R. 624, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. The original bill, H.R. 3523, was defeated in the Senate in the 112th Congress. Senators and the president alike expressed concerns that the bill did not […]
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Associate Justice Sonia Maria Sotomayor Swears in Joe Biden

Obama Boasts Judicial Diversity, Points to Senate Confirmation Delays

Thursday, the Obama administration released a promotional information aid to play up accomplishments in appointment of women and minorities to the judicial branch. This comes after President Barack Obama began his second term in January facing an unexpected wave of criticism about a lack of diversity in recent cabinet appointments. “I’m very proud that in […]
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Anti-gun Protest in D.C.

Thousands Rally for Gun Control in D.C.

In Washington, thousands of protesters joined a rally on Saturday for gun control. Proceeding along Constitution Avenue from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, marchers carried signs with messages such as  “Sandy Hook: Never Forget” and “Ban Assault Weapons Now”, according to The Associated Press.  Among them were about 100 residents of Newton, Conn., where […]
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Fiscal Cliff

Congressional Failure to Act Puts Taxpayers and Markets at Risk ─ Public Disgust Registers

U.S. government operations moved close to an end-year doomsday scenario as Senate and House negotiations over taxation and spending issues appeared frozen at the eleventh hour. A White House meeting on Friday left the next step in negotiations at the Senate’s doorstep, where Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were still in […]
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Capitol with SNAP watermarks

Millions to Lose Food Assistance under House Farm Bill Cuts

Federal food aid to food-insecure Americans may be cut by as much as $16.5 billion if the U.S. House of Representatives gets its way with its farm bill this year. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ─ once known as food stamps ─ currently is the only food lifeline robust enough to address critical food needs […]
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Obama Re-elected

Obama Wins!

Last night, the American people re-elected Barack Obama as 44th president of the United States. The electoral count stands at 303-Obama, 206-Romney. Florida has yet to call the presidential race, however with 100 percent of precincts reporting, Obama is in the lead. Should he win the hold-out state, that would bring his electoral total to […]
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Stephen Einhorn's "Voter Fraud Is a Felony" Billboard

Voter Suppression Continues as GOP Strategy

Early in October, billboards threatening the dire consequences of voter fraud appeared in primarily low-income, minority neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin.  The signs depict a large gavel and say, “Voter fraud is a felony – up to 3 ½ years and a $10,000 fine.” Both Ohio and Wisconsin are important swing states for the presidential […]
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