Neurons Developed From Stem Cells

Japanese Scientists Discover New Method to Create Stem Cells

Researchers in Japan have discovered a ground-breaking method for turning ordinary blood cells into stem cells. That’s according to a study called “Stimulus-Triggered Fate Conversion of Somatic Cells Into Pluripotency” published Jan. 29 in the scientific journal Nature. Experts in stem cell research worldwide are hailing this as a game-changing development for stem cell research […]
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NIH diagram of Alzheimer's neurotangle

New Medical Strategies Emerge to Inhibit Dementia

In April, the National Institutes of Health announced new treatments to inhibit the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease. These have made possible blocking a regular protein called CD33, and therefore allowing support cells in the brain to clear away toxic plaques. Post-mortem human brain research shows that CD33 protein is overactive in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, […]
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Psilocybe Zapotecorum mushrooms

Psilocybin Research Indicates Medical Treatment Benefits

Psilocybin, the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms, has been showing promise as a method for the psychological treatment of cancer patients according to researchers. As the fight against cancer pushes forward with incredible progress, the psychological side of the battle has lagged behind. Antisocial behavior, depression, and other psychological problems plague those with cancer. Psilocybin […]
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Panspermia Concept Art by Don Davis/Earthbrand

The Alien Non-Invasion ─ Origins of Life on Earth Revisited

Ian O’Neill, Space Producer for Discovery News, has joined other skeptics in pointing out flaws in recent reports that claim to prove the “panspermia” theory of life’s origins on Earth. In January, a team of scientists from the University of Buckingham, Cardiff University, and the Medical Research Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka, had claimed they […]
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Genetically Modified Corn

The GMO Debate: Safe or Not?

The scientific community continues its ever-quickening pace in bringing science fiction into the realm of reality. A major area of progress has been in the field of genetically modified organisms. Since the first synthesis of GMOs in the early 80s, however, apprehension has been on par with the enthusiasm behind GMOs. The term GMO is […]
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Wormhole travel as envisioned by Les Bossinas

Take Us Up to Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu

We may be visiting planets outside the Solar System sooner than ever expected. Scientists have identified a total of 853 extrasolar planets or “exoplanets” as of Dec. 1 – all within our own Milky Way galaxy. They reside in 672 planetary systems, including 126 multiple planetary systems. NASA is officially working on warp drive technology […]
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End Climate Silence Demonstration in Time Square

Hurricane Sandy Winner: Good Science

Hurricane Sandy hopefully will prove to be a turning point in American government and politics. In less than a week’s time, U.S. citizens have gotten a few critical reminders: Civil servants and military adjutants alike become urgently important assets in a natural disaster. Federal agencies charged with emergency duties need resources to do their jobs. […]
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NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Photographs Spider-like Objects

Life on Mars? Spidery Objects Spark Speculation

NASA’s recently revealed photos from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are stirring up controversy regarding the presence of life on the red planet. The photos depict spidery patches on the surface that some believe may indicate the possibility of life. These patches were first observed in 1998. Common Sense Conspiracy reports, “Speculation is running rampant about […]
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Image of a Healthy Newborn at IRMS St Barnabas

World’s First Healthy Babies Born from Genetically Altered DNA

At the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science of St. Barnabas in New Jersey, successful results have been announced from a program of experiments to create healthy babies from genetically altered DNA. In the last three years, 15 such children have been born under one experimental program at the institute. That’s among 30 such designed […]
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