Obamaspend: Spendthrift or Penny Pincher?

April 21, 2013 in Analysis & Editorial

When people discuss the many successes and failures of Barack Obama as president, spending is usually front and center. It has been said Obama is spending us into bankruptcy, Obama […]

The “Iron Lady” Remembered

April 14, 2013 in Top News, World News

LONDON, April 9 ─ Battling dementia, and severely weakened, Britain’s once “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher passed from a stroke last Tuesday at 87. Starting life as a grocer merchant’s daughter, […]

U.S. Arms Exports Catapult While Obama Tweeks Controls

April 1, 2013 in Top News, U.S. News, Uncategorized

Friday, March 8, President Barack Obama signed an executive order to update delegated presidential authorities over the administration of certain export and import controls under the Arms Export Control Act […]

Obama Boasts Judicial Diversity, Points to Senate Confirmation Delays

March 10, 2013 in Politics, Top News

Thursday, the Obama administration released a promotional information aid to play up accomplishments in appointment of women and minorities to the judicial branch. This comes after President Barack Obama began […]

Thousands Rally for Gun Control in D.C.

January 28, 2013 in Politics, Top News

In Washington, thousands of protesters joined a rally on Saturday for gun control. Proceeding along Constitution Avenue from the Capitol to the Washington Monument, marchers carried signs with messages such […]

Congressional Failure to Act Puts Taxpayers and Markets at Risk ─ Public Disgust Registers

January 1, 2013 in Analysis & Editorial, Politics

U.S. government operations moved close to an end-year doomsday scenario as Senate and House negotiations over taxation and spending issues appeared frozen at the eleventh hour. A White House meeting […]

America the Brutal

December 18, 2012 in Publisher's Corner

Why is America plagued by gun violence? Why are America’s children it’s most visible victim? Friday’s massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Conn. seems the seasonal reminder of […]

Romney Scores Power Points in First Presidential Debate

October 9, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Politics, Top News

Mitt Romney finally found a worthy debate opponent. In this year’s first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, it was striking how much mutual respect for each other, […]

Talk Ramps Up About Taking Out Iran Nuke Lab

September 9, 2012 in Top News, World News

Tehran’s acceleration in developing and securing its nuclear capability is causing a fast ramp up in speculation about possible preemptive action by Israel to neutralize the threat while or if […]

Liar, Liar

September 2, 2012 in Politics, Top News, U.S. News

TAMPA, Fla. – Rep. Paul Ryan has been caught in numerous lies. In the wake of the Republican convention, fact-checkers have revealed several misstatements made by Ryan this past week. […]

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