Romney Scores Power Points in First Presidential Debate

October 9, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Politics, Top News

Mitt Romney finally found a worthy debate opponent. In this year’s first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, it was striking how much mutual respect for each other, […]

Romney Paid Lower Tax Rate Than Middle Class in 2011

September 23, 2012 in Top News, U.S. News

Friday, the Romney campaign released Mitt Romney’s 2011 tax returns revealing the presidential candidate paid an effective rate of 14.1%. That’s due to the fact that most of his income […]

GOP Braces for God’s Wrath in Tampa

August 23, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Top News

TAMPA, Fla. — Mitt Romney finds himself cornered in a nasty round of controversy leading right up to his presumed nomination, as factions of the religious right hurl cavalier language, […]

Romney Picks Paul Ryan for VP

August 12, 2012 in Politics, Top News, U.S. News

In Norfolk,  Va. yesterday,  Mitt Romney announced Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate. Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee, and has been central […]

Romney Tax Plan Makes Huge Tax Shortfall Certainty

August 12, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Business, Featured News

Tax Policy Center, a well respected fiscal think tank, reveals that former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney’s tax plan lacks base-broadening details necessary to offset serious shortfalls in Federal tax revenues. […]

Romney Made Millions from Disposal of Aborted Fetuses

July 22, 2012 in Business, Top News, Women

Controversy over when Mitt Romney actually discontinued responsibilities with Bain Capital now threatens to resurrect a news item which could seriously damage his support from anti-abortion constituencies. In 1999, Bain […]

The Specter of Bain Continues to Haunt Romney’s Record

July 15, 2012 in Politics, Top News

A rain-soaked President Obama lashed out at “companies that have been called pioneers in outsourcing” at a campaign stop in Glen Allen, Virginia this Saturday. A new ad by the […]

Romney: Cornered Between Lies?

July 15, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Featured News

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney appears stuck in a “Catch 22”. Either he made false statements to the Securities and Exchange Commission (a felony), or he lied to the […]

Obamacare: What Does It Mean To You?

July 1, 2012 in Health & Lifestyle, Top News, U.S. News

Thursday, the U.S. Supreme court largely upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  (PPACA or “Obamacare”) in a 5—4 decision asserting that it falls within the Congress’s authority to […]

Romney & Bain: Flipping Companies into Bankruptcy

June 26, 2012 in Analysis & Editorial, Business, Top News

Mitt Romney’s record as a “venture capitalist” is under serious challenge, as details of Bain Capital’s “leveraged buyout” (LBO) takeovers emerge in the public eye. Normally, such buyouts can invigorate […]

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